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Eyebrow Shaping College Station, TX

Facial Spa in College Station & Bryan, TX

Eyebrow Shaping College Station, TX

Welcome to Signature Brows located in College Station, TX and Bryan, TX. We are a full service day spa specializing in eyebrow threading and eyebrow shaping, facial spa services, eyelash enhancements, waxing, henna tattoos and more! Signature Brows was started with a simple philosophy: "Take care of your customers and they will take care of you."

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Our professional estheticians have over 15 years of combined experience. Combined with our exceptional dedication to customer service and our vast variety of services, we're confident that you will be happy working with us. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers through customer service that is second to none, our expert services that help you to look your best, a relaxing and comfortable environment, and affordable pricing.

Eyebrow Threading College Station, TX Eyebrow Threading Bryan, TX

Facial Spa College Station, TX

Eyebrow Threading Bryan, TX EYEBROW THREADING

Eyebrow Threading is an all-natural process of facial hair removal that has been practiced for centuries. Threading is safe, effective and so precise that you can target a line of hairs all at once or target a single hair. It uses a thin yet strong piece of thread that is knotted in a way that allows hair to be caught and removed from the follicle. Eyebrow threading is also time effective and typically only takes 6-8 minutes. Most people agree that it is less painful than both waxing and tweezing.


Eyebrow shaping can be done in numerous different ways and typically the more natural the process the better it is. You can experience the best and most natural eyebrow shaping process for as little as $10!

There are many benefits to eyebrow threading over waxing:
1) Waxing actually removes a layer of skin where as Threading does not.
2) 90% of customers experience no skin reddening or swelling. In the rare occasions that there is some, it goes away shortly.
3) Threading does not leave the skin with bumps or irritation.
4) Hair doesn't grow back any faster and when it does grow it is finer than before.
5) Unlike waxing, threading does not make your skin sag after continued use.


Facial Spa Bryan, TX  Eyebrow Shaping Bryan, TX  Eyebrow Threading College Station, TX  

Signature Brows' facial spa can do something about that dirt, oil, and sweat that make your pores clogged and your skin dulled. We proudly offer a variety of personalized facials that will restore the condition of your skin and allow your natural beauty to shine! Indulge yourself with one of our amazing facials today! Facials start at just $40!

Xpress: Uses products that naturally rehydrate and nourish the skin. It will help to fight the appearance of aging, reduce the visibility of spotting and true to its name only takes 35-40 minutes.

Anti-Stress: An extended version of the Xpress. It lasts for 60 luxurious minutes, adds exfoliation, and a longer massage that will melt the stress away! 

Flower: Reduces the appearance of aging. The Flower helps your skin to shine by rehydrating and invigorating dull and dry skin. Your skin will feel softer, clear and firm.

Bio-Originals: Ideal for those with sensitive skin and/or acne. Using extracts from Neem leaves, it will leave your face feeling smooth, clean and soft. It provides a plethora of anti-aging components and has wonderful antibacterial effects.

Oxygen: Ready to feel and look better? This provides an immediate revitalizing effect by creating a layer that allows oxygen molecules to move directly into the skin. This antibacterial facial brings visibly healthier skin that will add beauty and give your skin a feeling of rejuvenation.

Pearl: Fun in the sun is great, but it can be hard on your skin leaving it dry and damaged. Pearl powder has been proven to bring melanin to the surface of the skin which helps to lessen the harmful effects of the sun. Using pearl powder and other natural elements, the Pearl facial leads to healthy, moisturized and radiant skin with an even color tone.

GOLD: Go for the Gold! Everyone knows that gold is a precious metal, but few realize just how precious. Gold has incredible anti-aging effects. Gold is easily absorbed by the skin and naturally enhances the removal of toxins, stimulates blood circulation, accelerates cell renewal, reverses oxidation damage and increases skin elasticity. There is a reason why people say that things are "good as gold!"

DIAMOND: Wrinkles don't stand a chance against Diamonds! The Diamond facial will help to remove toxins while exfoliating and provide gentle dermabrasive action. The fountain of youth may be hard to find but you can get the next best thing! Watch fine lines and wrinkles melt away while your skin sparkles like a diamond!

Facial Spa Bryan, TX Facial Spa College Station, TX

Eyebrow Shaping College Station, TX Eyebrow Shaping Bryan, TX  

Whether you want to visit our luxurious facial spa or just pop in for a quick eyebrow shaping, you will enjoy your time at Signature Brows, serving the College Station, TX and Bryan, TX areas. We know that when you look your best, you feel your best so please set up an eyebrow shaping, eyebrow threading, or facial spa appointment, or just stop by to get your Signature Look today!

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Signature Brows

808 E Villa Maria Rd
Bryan , TX 77802

I'm new to the Bryan/ College Station area, and am so excited to have found this eyebrow threading shop. In my mind, the whole waxing process is old fashioned. I've been threading my eyebrows for over a decade, as there are no wax or chemicals involved in the process, it is more precise than waxing, and it looks better than a wax job. I'm so glad I moved to a place where they offer this service! I encourage everyone to at least try eyebrow threading if you never have, and I also believe that Signature Brows is an awesome, clean and reasonably priced place to go to. I've been patronizing this business for the last five months, and they always do a great job (and I'm picky about my eyebrows), and have great customer service!

Pros: Low prices, great customer service, convenient location

Cons: n a few occasions, they closed the shop for the day earlier than normal, so if I'm going close to closing time, I call before I drive there just to make sure.

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Jan 18, 2014
By: Nic

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